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I know plenty of you aren't fond of games, but I suggest we have something of a treasure hunt! I haven't set everything up just yet, but even as things are now, there's a few things hidden from plain sight that I'd like to see if my crew can find...

Switches to new rooms, mostly. They don't hide any treasure or anything (don't get your hopes up, greedies), but they DO hide... some kind of goodies I think you'll like! It's lore - the thing they hide is useless information. So if you're feeling up to it, give the place a cursory run-down! If something seems to pointer you in a certain direction, try and follow that instinct! Also, there's an intended way to know how many switches there are in a given space, if you want to get a-head of the game!

I'm not a COMPLETE asshole, though, and since not everything is set up as I'd want it to be, here's a list of places that are worth searching:

  • In the captain's quarters (1)
  • In the gayest room on the ship (3)
  • On a dead-end that should lead to some original characters (1)

Happy hunting, folks!

Of course, not everything will be as it seems. If you're more of an inquisitive type, treat these less as a simple searching game and more like an active hunt. Some of these will be hidden within already hidden pages, and even those pages could have more hiding than what meets the eye. The cards aren't all set on the table yet, but very soon, every page on this site will have a little secret branching off of it.

Oh, and finding secret pages from my Neocities profile timeline doesn't count. If you didn't find it through an on-kooki-site link, you're cheating.

Granted, there ARE ways of easily finding links on webpages, but... that kind of ruins the fun of the hunt, doesn't it?