Who is Kooki914?

Hi! I'm Kooki, and I'm the idiot who made this website! It's like my personal getaway, just a spot where I can dump whatever I like and it's no-ones problem but mine!

I'm currently in art college, so working on just about anything but my assignments is difficult (unless I'm procrastinating, like right now), and as you can image art in general is my passion. I mostly do digital art nowadays, though I started with traditional and still like the feel of doing traditional art better than digital, most of the time. Outside of art, I generally like stories and storytelling, narratives and plot planning and all that good shit interests me deeply, though I'd rather not call myself any kind of expert on the subject. I like video games though I don't have a lot of time to play them, I love music even though I'm practically tone deaf, and I like writing even though I hardly read books! I mostly write fanfiction, anyway. For now at least. Less importantly, I'm a gay serbian man (so you can imagine I have issues with expressing myself), and I use only he/him pronouns.

When it comes to social media, you'll rarely find me being active anywhere, but I'll leave some links here in case you want to check out where I post my work more formally, however rarely that is.

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AO3, Art Tumblr, Personal Tumblr, Personal Twitter, Youtube channel, Dread Not Tumblr, Dread Not Twitter, Dread Not Neocities

Common Kooki variants

This Kooki is commonly seen manning the airship, and is thus arguably a reliable Kooki, trying to keep his crew together and harmonious is what he'll spend most of his time on the ship doing. Outside of the airship, his pursuits are that of treasure, glory, and more friends to add to his crew. This Kooki variant, though arguably the most social, is highly suseptible to bousts of "shame spirals", in which he will sit and stare at nothing in particular in a cyclical boust of self-doubt and psychological questioning. To resolve this problem simply turn your Kooki off and on again. He is easily satiated with specific fruits and sweets, and though often placed in a leadership position lacks a proper backbone to make any considerably thought-provoking decisions.

The Void Kooki is a hybrid creature of several abyssal origins, 1/3 "darker yet darker", 1/3 "voidheart", and 1/3 "neon effect". Though this Kooki has considerable shapeshifting abilities, they do not override his natural duochromatic coloration, rendering the ability useless in any and all survival situations. Because of this, the Void Kooki will rarely be seen outside of it's "matrix", a specific pocket of nothingness where he dwells and inexplicably has access to the internet. This Kooki most of all values his privacy and anonimity, and though he may adopt a consistant symbol to create some form of identity, in truth this Kooki is extremely malleable and lacks any real sense of self.

Tower Kooki
A personification of anxiety and the fear of deadlines, this Kooki originates from a tower not of pizzas, but of cookies. While everything around him crumbles all he can seem to think about is how soon he can finish his next project, how feasable certain ideas are, how unachievable all his dreams are becoming. While often he lays dormant at the bottom of the tower like a king sleeping in the mountain, periodically he will wake up in a cold sweat, haunted by nightmarish paranoias and what-if scenarios, then run screaming through the building at mach speed aimlessly, until the timer enevitably reaches 0. Did he reach his goal? Were there casualties along the way? How many braincells did he lose in all the pointless tears he shed? No one knows, because after every crashed tower, he finds a new one to sleep under, always repeating the same idiotic ritual of poor time managment.

The "I.R.L." Kooki (short for "irritable, relatable, lenient"), is a highly adapted Kooki variant, spacific to his place of origin. Quiet and withdrawn, this Kooki is difficult to spot in a crowd, though there are telling signs to look for (face mask, hefty backback, belt chain, in-ear headphones, etc.), and certain calling signs to create in order to draw his attention (any mention of Undertale, Hollow Knight, Steven Universe, or any other of the specified interests). However beware, he is difficult to shake off or quiet down once one of the aformentioned "interests" is brought forth. Typically, this Kooki will be seen in public either in college or at the store, rarely treading outside of a beaten and secure path. He can be sedated with sweets, though often the best way to freshen up your "I.R.L." Kooki is with a well-timed short nap.

Traits and Abilities (Nerd rules)

Chumhandle: MoonshinedTarot
Symbol: 🌖︎
Strife specibus: Pencilkind, Cardkind
Fetch modus: Filo.
Lunar sway: Derse
Planet: Land of Pipes and Gems (Lopag)
Classpect: Heir of Breath
Extended zodiac: Virun

Soul Trait: Perseverance
Weapon: Rusted Keys
*Long and sharp, easily hidden but kind of weak.

Armour: OldBackpack
*Increases defense and decreases speed the more items you have.

Persona: King Arthur
Rose colour: Light blue

Crypt of the Necrodancer
image not currently accurate
Name: Golddigger
Gameplay: Can't switch weapon or shovel. If you leave a level without making a profit, you lose. (Zone1 50 coins, Zone2 100 coins, etc.)
Weapon/Shovel: Suit Tool
Has 4 possible modes based on the suits. You switch between modes using up+down. The default is Spade, which functions as both a 1damage weapon and a 1dig shovel. The second is Club, which functions as a 3dig shovel. The third is Heart, which heals the player for half a heart every 10 kills (it does 1 damage). The fourth is Diamond, which functions like a gold rapier.
Head: SpadePhones
Gives a heal every 10 kills, but skips the 8th beat and breaks if a beat is missed.
Ring: Ring of Charisma
Misc.: Has one Key at the start of every session.
Spell: Cowardice
Can bribe enemies with money to make them go away. The tougher the enemy, the more coins the spell will cost. Needs 10 kills to recharge.


Top Ten Kooki Facts

  • I have a very, very bad sense of smell. I can hardly tell smells apart, if I notice them at all. Certain cookies smell like tea and some (apparently) unpleasant smells I hardly notice or don't mind at all.
  • I'm allergic to dust mites. Aka dust in general. I sneeze because of pillows and have the general constitution of a sickly little german boy.
  • Sometimes I collect random things I see in public that are clearly discarded. I always wash them for hygene purposes but that's how I aquired a small blue rubber duckie that sits on my desk now.
  • Math is my mortal enemy. If you make me do math I WILL cry.
  • Steven Universe accidentally contributed to my vaguely comphet phase, where I was convinced I was attracted to women because, hey, everyone is, right? And all the women in the show were pretty, and if I found them pretty, that must mean I'm attracted to them, right? I knew I was trans before I knew I was gay.
  • I make a lot of typos, not because I don't know those words or don't know what they mean, but just because English's way of spelling is complete fucking bullshit and I will never cease being salty about the fact that Vuk Karadžić made a reform of Only the Serbian language, Every language should take on Vuk's rules.
  • When I was in the hospital as a kid, I didn't have internet access, and the ONE time I got internet access during that stay I insisted on watching the entirety of those "dirty undertale confessions" videos that were really popular in the early fandom. I laughed at all of them so fucking hard you have no fucking idea.
  • I used to have a hipster bun. I miss it sometimes.
  • My first job was a one-time thing of pouring drinks for guests at an art exhibition opening. I handled the stress better than I thought I would.
  • I usually carry rubbing alcohol with me, as well as tissues, wet wipes, bandaids, and hair ties. No I don't have long hair anymore, yes I still carry hair ties.
  • I have a pair of fingerless biker gloves I'm too self conscious to wear
  • I have a paper cutout of Sisyphus from some random magazine hanging on the wall next to my monitor. We're in this together.
  • I, in fact, used to have blue hair and pronouns. Now I just have pronouns.
  • I don't like coconut flavour. it's just icky.
  • There's lost media from my childhood I'm afraid I'm never gonna see again but it's entirely too niche for me to look for properly. This includes a music video for kids that played on that one TV channel, certain songs that aren't that old but that I never saved in playlists or anything and now I can't find again, and also certain games on gamejolt that were free and I played like once as a kid but once my old computer got wiped I completely lost access to. I still think about them sometimes.
  • I can read Tarot cards. Not very well, but I can. I don't think of it as a religious thing, just an ominous thing.
  • I used to be afraid of scalpels as a kid because, long story - I saw dad talking to someone across the table from him and he was like.. playing with the scalpel I guess, by running it into this plank of cardboard in front of him absentmindedly. And like days after the fact the scalpel and the cardboard were still sitting on some work table and while no-one was looking I tried to replicate what dad was doing. Very predictably I cut myself and sobbed like a baby the entire time dad was disinfecting the (admittedly shallow) cut and putting a bandaid on it. He apologised for doing something like that while I (an impressionable child) was around to see it without actually being responsible about it and warning me against it etc, it's cemented in my brain as the first time an adult really apologised to me and admitted he was in the wrong even though I was the one who did something stupid. It was the first time I saw my own blood as well, by trying to hide it from everyone at first before they enevitably caught onto the fact that I was acting panicked and suspicious. I'm not afraid of scalpels anymore but that fear lasted throughout, like, the entirety of my childhood and teenage years.
  • I learned German as a second (third?) language in school for like 8 years. I don't even know how to structure a proper German sentance still.
  • I love sticky notes. I don't use them as often as I could but I love having them around.
  • Funnest fact of all! This list is more than ten entries long

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