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List of Kooki's AUs

This is WILL BE a semi-comprehensive list of all the AUs I've made over the years... that I can remember. For a little bit of context, AUs, for me, are a primary way of how I get invested in stories. What-if scenarios and placing the characters in new settings, or just giving them new gimmicks to explore and new people to meet, sometimes traumatising them irreperably! These are all methods of media analysis very near and dear to my heart, because you get to ask yourself: "How will this character thrive? How do they break, and when? How can I make a hopeless fight seem worth fighting to them anyway? And what new outfit can I put them in?" Or, alternatively: "How do I expand on this specific detail of worldbuilding? How do I make something new out of pre-established concepts? Or, do I take just one piece of this and change the rest up completely?" I hope you enjoy looking through my extensive list of what-if scenarios.


🗝 Storyline-centric

AUs that put story progression and the narrative first.

🗝 Canon-bend

AUs that use canon as a basis, typically by changing details or expanding on endings. “Everything is the same, except…”

🗝 Game-ified

AUs that are envisioned to be games of varying genres, but never will be.

🗝 World Focused

AUs that exist to explore the world rather than a specific narrative.

🗝 Prompt-like

AUs that started as a single idea that spiraled wildly out of control.

🗝 Repourposing stories

AUs that take an existing story and put an underrune and kooki spin on them.

🗝 Gimmicks

Something in-between world focused and prompt-like, AUs that don’t have much going on outside the first, core idea.

🗝 The Original AU


Highly suggest you take a look through the Tankverse page before diving into these.


When I like something but think the source material did it dirty.
  • Star vs the Forces of Evil
  • FNaF: Security Breach - Reality
  • FNaF: Security Breach - Fantasy
  • HBO's Adventure Time specials
  • Keroro Gunsou