The postmodernist culture teaches us shame. It teaches us cynicism and it teaches us hopelessness, neutrality, hatred. In our world, to have ambition is to be ridiculed, to be genuine is to be vulnerable - hope is deemed useless. To really reject postmodern ideals, to reject shame and to reject isolation, you can't try to beat it down with facts and logic. You have to look inward and show the outside what is inside. Bridge the gap, ever so slightly, between the trapped conscience of one human being to another. Unapolagetically express yourself with the confidence of a child who doesn't know failure, show the world your innermost fears and desires, and in the face of it all be able to look yourself in the mirror without shame, without self ridicule, without irony, and say "I love myself, and I love what I make".

So I invite you, whoever you may be, to glimpse into the heart of this selfish human being, and maybe squash some of your own fears about ridicule and shame.

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This website isn't suitable for minors.

NSFW discussion and implication is left to a minimum, but this site is still intended for a mature audiance.

Bigotry (specifically homophobia and transphobia) are also going to be mentioned, not in a positive light but just as a matter of fact. These things impact my life and I can't avoid discussing them when explaining why I do the things I do. If you wish to avoid those topics altogether, you're free to leave.

If you have an intense form of scopophobia, some of the things on this site might trigger that phobia.
(If the rightmost button on this page doesn't, though, you'll be fine.)

Same goes for intense forms of aracnophobia, though I CAN guarantee there will be no realistic spider imigery.

Pages that discuss heavier topics (in relation to fictional media), or that outright feature lewd content, will have content warnings of their own.

I hope you enjoy(ed) your stay!