I am corruption, I am duty and I am horror.

I am a blight by no will but my own, my calling in life is terror, my sadism knows few bounds.

And yet
Like a mindless bug I flew into your light.
I hardly cast a shadow as I bathed in the bright abyss.
And I saw you there

I saw YOU there.

You, brimming with jolly to mask your timidness.
Hiding from prying eyes your worst kept secret.
Curled up in your newspaper bed, cold and alone but refusing to admit your tears aren't joyous.

You, pathetic and weak.
You, loving and kind.


You weren't malicious as you leaned in.
Your fingers just barely brushed by mine as you hesitated to hold my hand.
Our lips met and it was like a momentary flash in pure darkness,
I was a coward.

I didn't savour your sweetness because I feared it would dull my venom.
I feared it would dissolve and become bitter from my influence.

I am corruption, I am duty and I am horror.

I am a man deathly afraid of his own power,
The guillotine above my head doesn't sleep, so in my golden coffin I couldn't dream it could be any other way.

But a wayward path led you to me.

To ME.

It should've been your death.
It should've been my worst crime.

Instead it was just your arms wrapped around me,
A gentle touch during a quiet evening,
An understanding little smile, that broke my heart before I even knew I had one.

And now, you lay next to me.
You choose to.

You hold the hand of the tyrant whose coffin you entered.
You wish him good night as the blade threatens to fall.

You wish him good night, and don't leave his side by the morning.

You didn't leave my side.


So come here and kiss me.
Kiss me.

I dare you to do it again.

I will worsen you, and you will worsen me,
And it will be Heaven.