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Not every person on the ship is part of the crew. Some people are hired help, coming during voyages only so long as they're paid for their time, rather than living with the captain and sharing in all his wealth (which, granted, there isn't a lot of). Others are simple passangers, hitching a ride on the boat (invited or otherwise) to someplace they need to be, and as compensation for their general presence help around the deck in small ways, as rarely these hitchhikers are trained pirates. Others, though, are prisoners from conquered vessels, though those are often ditched on land the moment the opprotunity arises. Really, there's a veriety of people to meet on the ship, and there's probably a good few you aren't familiar with at all...


In the distant future, long after an apocalypse, military factions still roam the land in search of supplies and glory. This horrid wasteland is home to many who still perservere, long after they should've died. Who are they?
And how are they all still alive...?


It's hard to believe humans and monsters can come in so many shapes and sizes, but in worlds so overpopulated, and surrounded by so many other worlds like it, it's honestly surprising to see so many faces repeated throughout time and space, over and over again... Who are they, anyway?
This is a HEAVILY incomplete list of my original characters. Specifically, these are just my fan characters, for already existing series (mostly for my AUs lmao). The characters I make for my own worlds are, well, a little more under wraps. As there's stuff I plan to do with them, I don't know if publishing their faces willy-nilly is a good idea. .