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Recreational room

Every day during meal times, when the crew all gathers together in the dining hall, music will play to ease any existing tension, to help the crew relax even if things are getting hectic. Even pirates need breaks! Some days, though, if everyone's in agreement, instead of a tune they'll play a movie, or a show, on a projector for everyone to watch together. Heck, sometimes they even just watch the captain play a game, alone OR with assistance! He's not very good at games, which is what's so entertaining about it to some of the crew.

It's best not to linger in the dining hall for too long (the cook is easily agitated), so if you want to sneak a peek at the crew's collection of entertainment and music, you'll have to pass through the main hall and into the small "recreation" room, a specialised storage room of assorted records, CD's, cartridges and nick-nacks from across the world.

Lounge area

Of all the things the crew loves doing, there's nothing the captain initiates more often than pointless arguing over people's opinions. Preferences, squicks, gripes and adorations are flung across the room like an active warzone, and though it may seem hostile to an outsider, it really is all in good fun.

Usually, this kind of habitual shotfest is reserved for the lounge room, the deckhands' favourite place to laze around in when there's nothing to actively help with on the airship. If you like, you can sneak a peek inside while no-ones there to see the aftermath of some of that tiger-poking, some kind of consensus reached once the captain stomped in with his big boy boots to set the record straight (aka just tell everyone his own biased opinions).